About Us

e-Medics is a Telemedicine solution provider for ever-increasing need for healthcare services in Pakistan. E-MEDICS is working to bridge the gap in healthcare services between rural and urban areas and bringing basic healthcare to your doorstep.

e-Medics is a focused with the mission to deliver cost-effective technology aimed at providing affordable and easy to access healthcare services who can not access it otherwise.

e-Medics, is head quarters in Islamabad, Pakistan  and partners with local cutting edge technology company with the mission to deliver cost effective technology tailored to customer’s needs. The Company is firmly established to provide innovative healthcare solutions.

We are committed to our customers and partners and have a passion for technology.

Mission And Vision

We are struggling for a society where healthcare is ensured to all. We are adamant on helping people to discover simplified and accessible ways of healthcare services regardless of time and space.
Our aim is to reach out to people in need, wherever they might be, in remotest of areas, we urge to make healthcare services available to all. We believe that nothing should come between an individual and a better healthcare service. Our approach is simple, we want healthy Pakistan, for our healthy future.

Certified Healthcare Professionals

Innovative Healthcare Technology

Health Education and Awareness

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