Interview with a content patient

Health is everything! We realize this only when we lose it. And thinking about those who are not fortunate enough to even receive a treatment for most common diseases breaks us a bit more. Our on-ground team met Pervaiz during a scheduled medical camp at a village in outskirts of Islamabad. Pervaiz came to our camp with a fellow villager. Coming to a doctor with no hope of getting treated in a good way was all he had. It seemed like another usual visit to a local doctor, who will prescribe some medicines which will give him an escape from his suffering not for more than few hours.Pevaiz was severely suffering from a nose allergy for past few months. It is not as big of a disease, this is actually what made us worried that if a disease as trivial as an allergy is not rightly treated in this vicinity then how are people suffering from stern diseases survive here. Our doctor prescribed him medicines which made him healthy in a week.E-medics believe that healthcare is not status bound but a right of all. Hence, the organization is striving tirelessly to ensure the provision of preeminent healthcare services to everyone without any discrimination. This is one of many success stories waiting to be shared.#EMedics #HealthcareSimplified

Posted by E-Medics on Tuesday, 30 May 2017